Friday, April 23, 2010

WWE Pink Slips: Mickie James, Jimmy Wang Comment about their release

There were several unsuspecting talents who received their pink slips on April 22, 2010. World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the releases of the following superstars:

Shelton Benjamin 2000-2010

Kung Fu Naki 1998-2010

Katie Lea Burchill 2008-2010

Mickie James 2005-2010

Mike Knox 2005-2010

Slam Master J 2007-2010

Jimmy Wang Yang 2003-2005 & 2006-2010

Jimmy Wang commented on his release via twitter:

"3 strike and your out i hear florida is a nice place to visit."

Mickie James commented on his release via twitter:

"Awe... Thank you James Gang! I just want to say its been a beautiful journey... Wwe has been a childhood dream come true & I have loved every step... There is not a moment I would change for the world... It breaks my heart but the world doesn't stop turning.. I'm grateful for all my friends, family, loved ones, and fans who have supported me along this wonderful ride. To all the guys and gals I've had the pleasure of sharing the ring with... We made some magic! History... Memories to last a lifetime... Thank you... I love you all with all my heart! Every chapter has its close... The next one Is only gonna get better... I promise you that! =) One truly never knows what tomorrow may hold... That's why we embrace every moment... In love & joy! The James Gang Rides! Even stronger than before.... To Victory! Haha.... On ward & upward! Much Love.... Muah! JG4L...... MJ"

Shannon Moore posted a comment via Twitter:

"It sucks to hear that people lost jobs today. From what I hear that place is a black hole anyway. A lot of peeps are miserable going to work. They don’t understand what talent is. They would rather hire a jackass that don't know nothing about the biz rather than someone that loves it and pay pennies on the dollar to get someone to sign their life away. I think that the talent should think about making the jump. I thank god everyday for my chance to be family with TNA. From the office to talent in TNA it's nothing but fun. All I can say is @tnadixie thank you for bringing me into the family. I love going to work. Hogan F'N rocks. I wear TNA colors with pride and will bust my ass to better the company. TNA TNA TNA TNA."

Mike Knox, Jimmy Wang, Grand Master J, Kung Fu Naki, and Burchill are big surprises as they have been hardly used on television as of late.

The releases of Shelton Benjamin and Mickie James will not be well received by the WWE Universe.

Benjamin has always displayed a high level of athleticism. Benjamin scored a pin fall on Dolph Ziggler just before Wrestlemania. “The Gold Standard” was recently a participant in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania. The decision to release Benjamin appears to have not been planned.

Mickie James was recently the Women’s Champion until losing it to Michelle McCool. We have all heard of her aspirations to start singing professionally so this isn’t as big a surprise as Benjamin. Like Maria, she bought her pink slip with her mouth.

So as we approach the WWE Draft, “Who’s Next?”

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