Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Ultimate Fighter 11: Episode Three Recap

The show opens with the fighters at the gym waiting for Dana White’s announcement. The fighters suspect it isn’t going to be good news.

Elimination without losing:

White arrives at the gym and announces that Chris Camozzi has a fractured jaw. Dana White said that the doctor believes that the jaw could be easily broken if Camozzi competed. Chris Camozzi is sent home.

Dana White advises Tito Ortiz that he will choose who replaces Camozzi. Ortiz and his assistant coaches will have four fighters who lost in the preliminary fights to choose from.

At the Training Center:

Team Liddell is focusing on striking. Liddell is working with is team and receives praise from the fighters for giving equal time.

Team Liddell Asst. Coach, John Hackleman, says that the team is a “happy camp”.

At the house:

Charles Blanchard is shown giving Nick Ring a massage. Blanchard is a licensed massage therapist and says that he is willing to help out anyone in the house regardless of their team affiliation.

Jamie Yager makes fun of Nick Ring’s sleep wear and how he stands.

At the Training Center:

Tito Ortiz announces that he has chosen Seth Baczynski to replace Camozzi. Ortiz says he choice was based on his heart against Court McGee.

Fight Announcement:

Chuck Liddell chooses his fifth pick, Brad Taveras to fight James Hammortree.

At the Training Center:

Nick Ring gets upset about Jamie Yager calling him a bitch. Tito Ortiz brings the team in for a meeting and tells them they need to work together if they expect to make it to the finale.


Both Tavares and Hammortree make weight and pose for the face off. .

Fighters comment on both fighters’ striking and go for broke style. Tavares said that he likes the pairing because they both like to stand up and bang. Hammortree said he might take Taveras down and dish out some ground-and-pound.

Mid-commercial spot:

Footage is shown of Yager throwing a tire over his head at night outside of the facility. Yager comments about liking Ortiz’s strength and conditioning program.


Rd 1

Both fighter touch gloves in the idle of the cage. Tavares starts out with some leg kicks. Hammortree shoots for a take down but doesn’t get it. Hammortree drivers Tavares against the fence but can’t get him down.

Tavares executes a nice hip throw and takes Hammortree’s back. Tavares attempts a rear naked chokes but can’t get Hammortree to tap out.

Hammortree reverses and gets half guard. Hammortree tries some ground-and-pound but isn’t giving a lot of damage.

Tito Ortiz yells at his team I believe to signify them to be quiet so that Hammortree can hear him.

Hammortree tries for a wizard and then to take Tavares’s back but instead gives him his.

Hammortree then stands up and shrugs Tavares off his back only to give it back to him again.

Hammortree quickly escapes and Tavares tries for a takedown resulting in giving Hammortree the half guard. Hammortree continues with some light ground-and-pound.

Rd 2

Hammortree starts the round by going for the takedown but doesn’t get.
Tavares gets top position and they shortly move to stand up .As they stand Tavares delivers a vicious knee to Hammortree’s head.

Tavares attempts another hip throw but misses it and gives Hammortree back control.

Tavares secures Hammortree’s arms to set up a kimura.

Hammortree keeps Tavares on his back for the rest of the round without really inflicting any damage.

Tavares is frantically attempting to set up a triangle at the closing seconds of the round.

Mid-commercial spot:

Team Liddell is shown practicing some wrestling techniques.


Dana White advises that the judges have declared a draw and the fighters’ will fight a third round.

Rd 3

Both fighters touch gloves and Tavares gets some distance. Tavares looks like he wants to strike. Tavares lands a few weak jabs and inside leg kicks.

Hammortree gets the takedown and sits in Tavares’s half guard.

Hammortree slides in for a full mount on Tavares but he quickly gets out with a basic escape.

Hammortree takes Tavares’s heel for leverage to attempt a reversal.

Hammortree goes for yet another takedown but only manages to push Tavares against the cage as Tavares holds on to a weak kimura lock.

Hammortree tries to lay some pipe but can’t get it as long as Tavares holds on to the kimura lock.

Both fighters stand up and clinch against the cage to finish the round.

Ortiz is excited about the outcome of the third round. Ortiz said that he believes with the takedown and mount, Hammortree wins it.

Liddell is shown freaking out like he does at cage side.

Liddell believes Tavares wins the round barely.

A winner Declared:

Dana White announces that he judges score the third round 10-9 for the winner, Brad Tavares.

Tito Ortiz is baffled at the judges’ decision.

It was a great back and forth battle with two guys with great heart. There were a lot of failed takedowns which usually led to the other fighter getting a superior position. This was definitely one of the more compelling fights on the show thus far.

Preview for the next show:

There is a controversial finish that leads to a post fight riot.

Jamie Yager continues to cause problems within Team Ortiz.

Ortiz is shown destroying a door.

The will be two fights on next week’s episode.

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