Thursday, April 22, 2010

2010 Fantasy Baseball: Week Two Hot Streaks

After two weeks of baseball we have been surprised by some of the bats this week. These names have been taking a joy ride all week. Let’s see if these ball players can keeping stealing the show.

1) OF Shin-Soo Choo Cle

The Cleveland outfielder was on fire this week. He put up a .579 AVG in nineteen plate appearances. Shin-Soo Choo knocked in eleven RBI, six XBH, and three homeruns.

Choo hit a grand slam on Sunday to continue his seven-game hitting streak. The Indians are happy to have him turn it around after a .111 AVG start.

2) 2b Chase Utley Phi

Five bombs made Chase Utley the unexpected power plant of Major League Baseball this week. Held a nice .333 AVG, drove in eight and stepped on the plate eight times himself this week

3) OF Matt Kemp LAD

Four bombs made their way out of the park when Matt Kemp was in the box. The Dodgers outfielder had a .333 AVG, eight RBI, and walked into the dugout after scoring eight runs.

4) SS Derek Jeter NYY
New York’s favorite ball player holds a .500 AVG with three homeruns. Jeter drove in seven runs this week to help the Yankees to stay on top of the AL East.

Jeter reluctantly missed Sunday’s game with a head cold. He will only miss a few days and be back putting up great numbers.

5) OF Andre Ethier LAD
Andre Ethier was the hero of Los Angeles with a two blast on Friday. The highlight of the week was the first grand slam of Ethier’s career.

The Dodgers outfielder hit three homeruns, nine RBI, and a phenomenal .423 AVG. You couldn’t ask for a better week of production.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have the best outfield today. Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier had a stellar week. Manny Ramirez also had a good week hitting two homeruns with only twelve at-bats. Ramirez stepped up with a pinch-hit home run to help LA win on Sunday.

6) 3b, 1b, DH Ty Wigginton Bal

Wigginton bashed four over the wall and pushed ten of his teammates across the dish. A .348 AVG this week makes him Baltimore’s most reliable player.

7) OF Jose Guillen KC

Guillen is turning heads this week with three dingers and a .462 AVG. He is looking healthy doesn’t show any effects of last year’s extended hospital stay due to blood clots in his legs.

8) OF Scott Podsednik KC

Podsednik didn’t homer this week and likely won’t do it next week either. But you can’t deny his .542 AVG giving him the second best batting average this week.

9) C Bengie Molina SF

Bengie Molina is hitting .529 AVG, five RBI, and one homerun. The Giants catcher is easily the best catcher of the week

10) 2b Dan Uggla Fla

Dan Uggla sent two into the stands and had an impressive .464 AVG this week. The Marlins fans had something to get excited about this week.

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