Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Ultimate Fighter 11:Episode Four Recap

Show kicks off with highlights of the Hammortree/Tavares match. Team Ortiz team mates Nick Ring and Jamie Yager argue about cheerleading etiquette.

At the House:

Jamie Yager talks about his friendship with Brad Tavares, Kyle Noke, and Kris McCray. Yager has named the group “The Minority Report”. Bro-mance is in the air.

Nick Ring, Hammortree, Blanchard and Kyacey Uscola are talking about Yager’s recent behavior.

Kyacey Uscola said that he would root against Jamie Yager. He calls Yager a piece of dung.

Fight Announcement:

Chuck Liddell chooses Rich Attonito from Team Liddell to face Team Ortiz’s Kyacey Uscola.

At the Training Center:

Uscola is training for the fight. Tito Ortiz said he is happy with the pairing.

Team Liddell’s John Hackleman states that Rich Attonito is probably the best fighter on the show.

At the house:

The drama starts to get thick. Uscola confronts Yager about stealing his sweatshirt. Yager starts acting gangster and Uscola mocks him.

In the locker room:

Uscola and Yager continue to bicker in front of Tito Ortiz.

The First Fight:

Round One

They touch gloves and start to trade some strikes. Looks like Attonito is getting the better of the exchange.

Attonito drops Uscola and starts hammering down a flurry of punches. Uscola looks like a fish out of water on his back. It’s time to jiu-jitsu classes.

Attonito picked up Uscola and dropped him like yesterday’s trash on his head. It was vicious and made everyone cringe.

Attonito continues the assault and out of nowhere, Uscola grabs for a kimura and sweeps Attonito.

Uscola starts to drop elbows and Attonito goes to stand. Uscola throws two knees and the referee stops it for the illegal strikes.

However the replay looked like the knee strikes didn’t land on Attonito’s head. He drops to the ground and acts like he was run over by a semi-truck.

The winner is declared:

The referee calls for the disqualification due to Attonito being unable to continue as a result of illegal knee strikes to a downed opponent.


Tito Ortiz takes out his frustration on the door.

Attonito has his hand on ice and believes it’s broken. It might be the end of the show for Attonito.

Fight Announcement:

Chuch Liddell chooses Charles Blanchard from his team to face “Crab Man” Jamie Yager from Team Ortiz.

Mid-commercial spot:

Attonito is showing off an impressive Governor Arnold impression.

At the Training Center:

Blanchard and Yager are shown training for the fight.

Tito Ortiz talks about Yager coming from nothing and that he understand it because he was in the situation.


Attonito obviously isn’t a fan of Yager like most of the others in the house. “Side Show Bob” makes weight and faces off with Blanchard.

Mid-commercial spot:

Jamie Yager talking about his superior striking compared to Blanchard.

The Second Fight:

Round One

Both meet in the center and touch gloves. Yager gives Blanchard an awkward pat on the shoulder.

Blanchard shoots for the take down but doesn’t get it. Yager sprawls and gets it standing. Jamie Yager hits Blanchard who falls and curls up. Yager lays down some rights for the TKO.

The winner announced:

Jamie Yager gets his hand raised to give Team Ortiz control of the match choices.

Preview of the next episode:

Ortiz gets to make the matches.

A Team Ortiz fighter is injured.

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