Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Ultimate Fighter 11: Ep.2 Recap

The show begins with the fighter cast running around the fighter house excited about making it on the show. Chris Camozzi and Clayton McKinney talk about the injuries they sustained in their first fights.

Picking Teams

Dana White explains that after the first fight the winning fighter’s team picks the next fight. Tito Ortiz wins the coin toss and chooses to get the first pick, which leaves Chuck Liddell with the first fight pick.

The following is the order of picks by each coach:

Nick Ring 10-0 Team Ortiz
Kyle Noke 16-4-1 Team Liddell
Kyacey Uscola 18-15 Team Ortiz
Rich Attonito 7-3 Team Liddell
Kris McCray 5-0 Team Ortiz
Charles Blanchard 7-2 Team Liddell
Jamie Yager 2-1 Team Ortiz
Josh Bryant 10-0 Team Liddell
James Hammortree 5-1 Team Ortiz
Brad Tavares 5-1 Team Liddell
Clayton McKinney 4-2 Team Ortiz
Court McGee 9-1 Team Liddell
Chris Camozzi 12-3 Team Ortiz
Joe Henle 3-0 Team Liddell

Ortiz says that Liddell picked all the guys he didn’t want and was happy with his team. Dana White questions Liddell’s strategy during the picks. Liddell tells White that he watched their previous fights and looked at their records.

Chuck said that he is going to focus on refining what his fighters already have, rather than teaching them new techniques.

Ortiz believes Clayton McKinney isn’t training hard and wants to stay on top of him to push him to be his best. McKinney is shown nursing his shoulder during training. McKinney says that he is limited due to his shoulder injury.

Chris Camozzi says that he is all banged up and expects to be picked to be the first fight.

Fight Announcement

Chuck Liddell chooses his top pick Kyle Noke to face Clayton McKinney. They pose for the fight face-off.

Kyle Noke said he wants to be Australia’s first UFC champion and hopes to open doors for other Australian fighters.

At the House

Jamie Yager, Brad Tavares, and Kris McCray talk about how they have bonded and would remain a clique regardless of team affiliation.

Yager, Tavares, and McCray run around the house with horns after declaring no one would sleep that night.

James Hammortree said during an interview that he thought it was an alarm and he was back at his fire house.

McKinney’s MRI reveals that he sustained only a minor injury and that there are no torn ligaments. Ortiz pokes fun at McKinney for milking the injury.

At the Training Center

Liddell talks to his team about what Ortiz said during an interview. Ortiz claims that Liddell was an alcoholic and that Dana White had to have an intervention, which Liddell refutes. Liddell then says that he might drop Ortiz. Liddell states that “knowing Tito, he’s that much a pussy, he would press charges.”

Ortiz tells his team that it’s his birthday. Ortiz starts punching a “Chuck Liddell” piƱata full of cash. But his team is disappointed that the cash was just one dollar bills.


Both Noke and McKinney make weight and do the face-off for the matchup. Dana White picks Noke to win but believes it would have been tougher if McKinney were healthier.



Noke and McKinney touch gloves and begin to trade leg kicks for about two minutes. McKinney takes Noke’s back and attempts to slam him without success. Noke rolls for a knee bar on McKinney. McKinney stuffs the submission attempt and a scramble takes place. Noke throws up his legs and catches McKinney in a triangle. Not much defense on McKinney’s part as he taps quickly.

McKinney is upset and attempts to walk away but Ortiz calls him back. Ortiz asks him to give him a minute. Ortiz demonstrates a triangle escape. McKinney reluctantly demonstrates two triangle escapes after Ortiz asked him to. Ortiz reminds McKinney that there is a wild card and it isn’t over yet.

Preview for the next show:

Dana has a shocking announcement.

More footage of Jamie Yager as he continues to cause problems in the house.

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