Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Ultimate Fighter 11: Ep.1 Recap

It’s hard to believe that this is the 11th season of The Ultimate Fighter. The coaches for this season are Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell. Both coaches have suffered some recent losses but are still riding the wave of fame associated with their championship reigns.

The feud between Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell has lasted for years. Their rivalry fuels the hype behind this year’s TUF 11. Both Ortiz and Liddell have been coaches before on TUF during previous seasons. Ortiz has proven to be one of the best coaches of the series despite his arrogant attitude. At the conclusion of the season, Ortiz will face Liddell in the cage for an anticipated rematch.

This season started with all of the hopeful fighters entering the new TUF gym. UFC President Dana White announced to the fighters that there will be a “wild card” this season. White explained that 14 fighters will make it into the house leading to seven preliminary matches. The coaches and White will decide which two of the losing fighters will have a second chance to fight their way into the quarter finals.

Dana White gave his broken record speech about not leaving it in the hands of the judges and failed dreams. White mercifully left out his usual “So you want to be a fighter?” catch phrase.

Jamie Yager dropping Ben Stark after a series of vicious head kicks.

Brad Tavares finishes Jordan Smith with a right hook knocking out Smith.

Kris McCray defeats Cleburn Walker after a beautiful hip throw by McCray causing a possible injury to Walker.

James Hammortree wins after Norman Paraisy actually quits in between rounds without any known injury. Paraisy in an interview prior to the match stated that he would prove that the French were not soft. Paraisy obviously failed in disproving the stereotype. Ortiz, Liddell, and White sat cage side surprised by the outcome. Paraisy later explained that he wasn’t feeling himself.

Nick Ring defeated Weatherby via decision.

Kyle Noke defeated Thompson via decision.

Court McGee wins via decision after a battle with Baczynski.

Chris Cmozzi defeated Victor O’Donnell via decision after a brutal war that left O’Donnell with a broken orbital socket.

Kyacey Uscola knocked out Brent Cooper with a nice right hand.

Joe Henle wins via last minute armbar over Philippou.

Rich Attonito defeated Steffens via decision after doing what wrestlers do, take down and hold down.
Josh Bryant defeated Rebello via decision.

Charles Blanchard defeated Flynn with ease.

Clayton McKinney knocks out Charley Lynch after a war and leaves Lynch with a badly broken nose. During the bout, McKinney even told Lynch in between punches that his nose was disfigured. Let’s give some kudos to Lynch for being one tough son of gun.

Fighters that made it into the house:
Jamie Yager Brad Tavares Kris McCray
Nick Ring Kyle Noke Court McGee
Kyacey Uscola Joe Henle Rich Attonito
Charles Blanchard Clayton McKinney James Hammortree
Chris Camozzi Josh Bryant

To close the show, interviewed fighters expressed the strength of the talent this season and admitted that there was tough competition ahead.

The show ends with future episode highlights depicting disorderly conduct between the fighters inside the house and coaches destroying those poor doors yet again.

There isn’t a door safe on The Ultimate Fighter show. This season looks like it may redeem the series which was criticized the last few seasons for choosing fighters based on their entertainment qualities rather than their talent.

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